What Makes a Home Even Sweeter?

Writing this blog has caused me to spend time thinking about the places where I've lived, and the things that made each home special. To the list above I'll add a few more things.

A big, deep bathtub. I don't know who invented those horrible, shallow, short tubs that are ubiquitous on North America, but I assume it was someone who saw bathing as a necessary evil, and who thought that the less time was spent naked the better. So my list for our home in Normandy includes a big old claw foot bathtub (or a modern equivalent) that is deep, and long enough for two, and which has taps at the side, not under one person's shoulder-blades. Lots of hot water, some good bubble-bath, and a nearby shelf or table for wine, munchies, and books. A big, bright sunny window. Bliss.

A piano. For those of us who play, and those who wish to learn to play. In my mind I'm assuming that good used pianos are commonplace in Europe, but we'll see. I can't think that we'll be happy without a quality instrument, a few shelves of music, and a good local tuner to keep everything happy. (By extension, a good stereo system is also a must-have item. Of late I've gone back to listening to albums on CD instead of trax off the computer. It really does make a difference.)

Bees - Once again my short time in Appalachia comes back to me. Visits to see Angie and Tony taught me that bees are altogether a good thing. Given the ecological disasters that have befallen so many bee colonies I think we really need to make space for them when we're living on our own farm. Plus, honey and honey comb! French bee hives are certainly more stylish than the plain white boxes we see in Canada!