Letter Mail - Remember it?

Canada Post has not quite eliminated it, but they're sure trying.

If you’re moving there are a thousand things to consider. Mail forwarding is one of those things. Even though 95% of everything has moved on line, there are still a handful of life activities that arrive in your mailbox.

I’m old enough to remember the days when mail was essential, and when you actually got excited when it arrived. In a minor fit of nostalgia during the pandemic I actually started writing letters to people. Assuming I could find a mailing address - which is really hard - I discovered that the response rate approaches zero.

In any event, as we prepare to leave Canada for France I have had one more of those moments when I am glad to be leaving this country.

Because there will still be some things that will arrive via Canada Post, and which we might actually want to receive, I went to the Canada Post website to find out how much it would cost us to have mail forwarded.

TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY DOLLARS!! And seventy-five cents….

I will happily spend a day doing changes of address anywhere that matters.

Meanwhile in France? 75 euros for the year and they even give you stamps!