We have arrived! This is indeed the beginning of a new journey.

On Saturday October 16, 2021 we arrived in France. The real work has just begun.

Our contact info:

79 chemin de Reillou
"Clots de Reillou"
47370 Thezac

Telephone: (33) 07 63 34 12 31

Or on WhatsApp at:

For a year or two, and certainly since the election of Donald Trump, we've been considering our options for the next phase of our lives. We're at what is nominally considered retirement age, and have pretty much concluded that North Vancouver is not where we want to be. Or North America for that matter.

After a lot of searching we seem to have decided on Normandy - that's the red bit on the map above.

This decision reflects a lot of thought and research. It began with a very short trip to Britain, and London in particular, which convinced me that there was much more to life than what was on offer in Canada.

We considered Montreal, and towns on Vancouver Island, and even narrowboats in England. Then barges when we realized that a home that was only six feet wide wasn't really enough. Then small towns in England and Wales, then Shetland, then Provence, then finally Normandy.

Aside from the obvious appeal of French culture, and the social supports offered by a country that is still highly unionized, the single biggest factor is property prices. Even a mediocre townhouse in North Vancouver can run you a million dollars, while a €167,000 will buy you this in Normandy.

Normandy - Manche Center - 1 hour from the ferry boat - 5 kms from the local amenities and 15 mins from the nearest town Coutances or Saint Lo - 25 kms from the sea

Stone 5-bedroom house with the possibility to convert the contiguous part. - on the ground floor: kitchen with fireplace, sitting-room, shower-room, bedroom, toilets. - on the second floor: 2 bedrooms, large bathroom, toilets. Attics. Outbuildings, yard, garden.

Our schedule has yet to be finalized, but we are beginning to do the research and make the plans for our move.

A note on translation : anything en Francais is the result of Google translate + French classes thirty years ago. Wish me luck.Why subscribe?

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